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Grocery List

Are you lost?  I usually am...

This where I'm putting my rants.  You can jump from one point to another with little searching.

What I'm having on the menu for today....

Shorter Musings:

I bitch about a crappy JLo movie, move on to praise for Vinnie-boy, and post a trivia question.
An All Hallow's greeting, and I change my hair.
The addictiveness of VH1, a goodbye to the Great Randini, and a new trivia question.
Slow day, but I do mention Fred Durst.
Redecorating turns into a housewife's nightmare, and a new trivvie question for the masses!
Sweet Jesus, another video from Britney Spears!  And she's got Madonna warped too!
A really short rant about the wasted youth that seem to make a bazillion dollars on banging their heads into walls, and I get a lizard.
Think about Kill Bill Volume 1, and a hooray for penis link.
My husband leaves, and I realize that I have to be an adult.
A quick porn rant about panty pulls and the monstrouss cack.
A review of the Great Randini'd DVD porn.  Bruce likes the cheerleader scene...
The G-spot exists...
A MAJOR gush about my cat, and momentary loss of bladder control over MJK.
I tell some shit about my wedding reception, and mention a Ghost.
My husband's lack of pop culture...bah.
A quickie bitch about my in-laws, and banana splits.
I get scared about calling my mother-in-law, and I do a quick gush about Jim Henson's Storyteller DVD.
I go off about the new Dido video, starring my favorite British Bombshell and my honeypot yummy-buns, David Boreanaz.  Chad Kroeger makes a special appearance on the drool sheet as well.
I announce my return to the virtual world and drop a bombshell on all my admirers.
Taxes, nose candy, and someone actually gets the fucking quote from yesterday. 
Sex, roommates, and a contest for a quote of the day.
A quick gush about the musical Into the Woods, and I announce my plans to purchase a truck.
I am propositioned online by a wackjob, and a quick gush about my new odd place to hang out.
A not-so-serious bitch about men, and a sample IM from my archives of stupid shit.
I talk about stupid fat men, their skinny girlfriends, and I go on about Lemony Snicket.
I bitch about typos, drop a linkie to the cbs news site that explains psychological warfare, and i bust a gut on the near-completion of my greatest writing work to date.
I get one day of phone usage, I wait for everyone to go buy the new Evanescence CD, and I explain exactly who Satan is for the uninformed masses.  I also quote the Book of Boneheads.
My phone gets shut off, and I am shattered.
A bitch about my weird phone day with my family, mostly my sister, and a quick barf over Swept Away, the film which Guy Ritchie should never have made.
The 'conflict' in Iraq, and a serious gush about Evanescence.
What it feels like to be thrown up on by a smiling child, the Isle of Dog Poo, and the Job Search.
The death of Mr. Rogers, my missing oreos, and a bitch about the Satan Dog.
A quick bitch about HTML, my innate ability to screw up webpages, and an observation on 4 AM.
Mothers, midlife crisis, and a review of the movie Galaxina, starring the dead-but-not-forgotten Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten.

Gotta LOVE That Internet Thingy

The Wackjob IM

Hall of Crap

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Simba gets to the end of the Circle of Life