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The Things You Kids Say...

A MultiMedia Experience For The Masses!

Okay, it's not really multimedia, but this is where you get to give your feedback.  It's more of a...  a...  Hey, you know what this is!  Why am I telling you?

I'll be sharing the comments I've received, if any at all, from my email.  I might include some linkies to the log entries where appropriate, if it's a good 'un.  I haven't done a guestbook, I really don't mind if no one shows up, but I am making it so that if you dig the site you'll have to put forth some effort to let me know.  And I will definitely respond here.  I LOVE you guys!
Okay, Mom, I got your email. Thanks for saying my site is CUTE.  I can go commit hari-kiri now in disgrace.
Okay, Sabrina, I KNOW I'm a slacker.  But I also never told you chilluns what time I would be posting every day anyway, NOW DID I????
And to the crackpot that keeps jumping up my ass about daily posting, I GOT IT, OKAY???  EVERY DAY.  I'll post EVERY DAY.  Jeezus Christ, but some of you people are PICKY!
And this is for the always-running Randini:  I KNOW I'M A SLACK-ASS, but cut me a BREAK, would you?  I'm on my fucking HONEYMOON!!!!
Thank you, constant heckler.  Criminy.