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What is this?

Since I am so popular with my email shippers, family, and friends, I have decided to post on this daily/weekly site.  It will contain my thoughts, responses, and views on what's happening in the world.  All your questions will be answered, sooner or later....

I'll make changes to this site on a regular basis, so you should check back often.  I mean, this IS my first website that I'm actually finishing, and I'm still tweaking it, so you never know what will pop up next.  I'm serious.
A little about me, then.
I'm 24, unemployed, and just BURSTING with unnecessary knowledge. I have a mother and father (divorced), a younger sister (estranged), and a new husband that vaguely resembles every fairytale prince you've heard of. I used to live with my best friend, who let me move to Florida with her, but due to my new social status as "so-and-so's wife" I have once again relocated to this crappy island where I sit high on my throne and laugh despotically at the single people.  I hate this island.  I used to be in the US Navy (Fuck 'em!  Fuck 'em all!), and now I sit on my computer and try to enrich my life through websites.  I thought that maybe sooner or later my useless information might be useful to people, so I'm webbing it.  I'm planning on some movie reviews, some out of the way rants, and various topics will pop up that I feel like bitching about.  There is no rhyme or reason to this site, and since I'm new at it a lot probably won't make sense, but it will change in time into a bigger and better type of thingy.  I'll add some great linkies, and sooner or later some pictures.  Maybe pictures.  Probably not.  So take a look, tell me what you think, and I just might take into consideration the opinion of the world outside my monitor.  Cheers!

Oooh, crazy....
Lava Lamp

Linkies, baby, Linkies!
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Swear to jesus I'll get better at this...

This is where I listen to all my children out there, and you know you're out there!

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