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This is where I'll write tangents and rants that are longer.  Hopefully I'll be more eloquent here.  Hopefully.

My Life

I figured I would use this long-overdue rant space to explain Candra Riley to the uninformed.  Candra started out as a piece of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction (hold your tongues), merely something to pass the time, and evolved into a stand-alone character that has an entire cycle of her own stories.  Yes, Buffy still figures somewhat prominently in two or three of the shorts that involve Candra, but mostly they focus on Candra's exploits and adventures throughout the history of the world.  I can't really explain too much, because everything is widely scattered throughout the cycle, but I have distributed the first group widely amongst friends, and now I have my own little group of shippers that eagerly slaver  as I draw the Candra Chronicles to a close.  At least, until tonight, I thought I was done.  I take it back, I take it back, Itake it back.  There is just so much that I have yet to cover, so many things I have yet to do to my heroine.  And yes, I realize that I am her god, and I am definitely a benevolent god, but I am also a vengeful deity if there ever was one.  She gets laid plenty, but dear GOD does she pay for it afterwards.  To force someone through hoops such as I do with Candra, is somewhat cathartic.  I can't control my own surroundings half the time, therefore I control her life and the lives of her son and boyfriend (among others).  It's a wonderful feeling, being omnipotent, you should try it sometime.  I once told a guy that had wandered into my bedroom by accident (he took a wrong turn for the bathroom), that in order to write, you have to write what you want coupled with writing what you know.  I know shite about the stuff I think up, but thus far I have done a wonderful job.

The World Outside of Me

Still working on a world outside of me.  I'm all that really matters, aren't I?

Oh, SWEET JESUS.........

How's THAT for a fucking picture, you PANSYS???