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Sometimes, I will feel the need to elaborate.  This is where I'll do it, for YOU.  But mostly, I'm going to put up stuff that happens to me as I travail through the virtual world, eating up power and my husband's hard drive.  "Remember me, when I bring the rain".  Sound Familiar?  Anyone?

The new Rantsville Mascot, Butch.

This is the conversation I had with crazy wackjob guy (see Today, Today for 3/8/03).  It is unedited, unplanned, and fucking LOONY.  I'll keep this up here for a while until I can find something to REALLY rant about.  BTW, I'm the one in the purple.

CaptainSpears: hi

Nicolae081379: hello

CaptainSpears: how are you?

Nicolae081379: pretty good

Nicolae081379: and you?

CaptainSpears: I'm good.

CaptainSpears: why are you up so late?

Nicolae081379: talking to an old friend and updating my website at the same time

Nicolae081379: multitasking in the wee hours

CaptainSpears: new picture?

Nicolae081379: don't have one

CaptainSpears: oh

CaptainSpears: so you're out of the Navy now huh?

Nicolae081379: yes, I am

Nicolae081379: feels good, too

CaptainSpears: so what are you doing now?

Nicolae081379: being unemployed

Nicolae081379: haven't started looking for gainful employ yet

CaptainSpears: I see

Nicolae081379: next month, I swear

CaptainSpears: lol

Nicolae081379: are you navy?

CaptainSpears: yes

Nicolae081379: I see

Nicolae081379: how did I know that?

CaptainSpears: not sure

CaptainSpears: ha ha

Nicolae081379: could be that you asked me about the navy

Nicolae081379: no one asks me about that but the sailors or the officers

CaptainSpears: lol

Nicolae081379: what are you doing up so late?

CaptainSpears: just got off work

Nicolae081379: eeeew

CaptainSpears: yeah

Nicolae081379: enlisted, then

CaptainSpears: yes

CaptainSpears: have you been with an officer?

Nicolae081379: been with, like dating?

CaptainSpears: yeah

Nicolae081379: I wouldn't call it dating, but....no, never

CaptainSpears: if it's not dating,then what is it?

Nicolae081379: it's not anything

Nicolae081379: it was a cup of coffee, and then an embarrassing drop off at the barracks

CaptainSpears: oh

Nicolae081379: REALLY embarrassing

CaptainSpears: why?

Nicolae081379: the guy at the front gate like saluted to him, and he saw both of our ID's and I was SO not an officer

Nicolae081379: and it was like ten in the morning

CaptainSpears: oh

Nicolae081379: and then all my pals in the smoke pit saw him pull up

Nicolae081379: I got no end of crap from them

CaptainSpears: lol

CaptainSpears: what command?

Nicolae081379: 129 all the way, every day, the whole four years

CaptainSpears: wow

CaptainSpears: I'm in 128

Nicolae081379: 128, that's those one guys...

Nicolae081379: the um....

Nicolae081379: uh...

Nicolae081379: <draws a blank>

CaptainSpears: Fenix?

Nicolae081379: THAT'S it

Nicolae081379: I knew that, somewhere in my head

CaptainSpears: lol

Nicolae081379: I've been out too long

CaptainSpears: lol

Nicolae081379: what's your rate?

CaptainSpears: AT2

Nicolae081379: what's with all the fucking AT's everywhere?

Nicolae081379: I was too

Nicolae081379: well, AT3

CaptainSpears: lol

CaptainSpears: cool

Nicolae081379: took the second class test in 15 minutes

Nicolae081379: I wasn't too up for promotion

CaptainSpears: lol

CaptainSpears: just wanted to get out huh?

Nicolae081379: OH YEAH

Nicolae081379: I couldn't take it anymore

Nicolae081379: the navy really didn't like me, anyway

CaptainSpears: why?

Nicolae081379: LONG story

Nicolae081379: don't want to get into it

CaptainSpears: were you always in trouble?

Nicolae081379: not once

Nicolae081379: it was other stuff

CaptainSpears: drugs?

Nicolae081379: nope

Nicolae081379: I'd rather not talk about it

CaptainSpears: oh, ok

Nicolae081379: yeah, it's one of THOSE things

Nicolae081379: the navy won't talk about it either

CaptainSpears: Sexual Harrassment stuff?

Nicolae081379: kind of

CaptainSpears: sorry, just curious

Nicolae081379: it's complicated

CaptainSpears: what ya doin tomorrow?

Nicolae081379: fucking around

Nicolae081379: sitting on my ass

Nicolae081379: the usual unemployed stuff

CaptainSpears: you live by yourself?

Nicolae081379: nope

Nicolae081379: I've got three other roommates

Nicolae081379: well, if you count the baby as a person

CaptainSpears: wow, thats a lot

Nicolae081379: I didn't even mention the pets

CaptainSpears: lol

Nicolae081379: we've got three cats and two dogs

Nicolae081379: it's a zoo

CaptainSpears: I'm supposed to fly tomorrow, but if I dont cause of weather, you wanna hang out?

Nicolae081379: fly?

CaptainSpears: i'm working on my private pilots license

Nicolae081379: ah

Nicolae081379: what's tomorrow, friday?

CaptainSpears: yes

Nicolae081379: my buddies from 129 are coming home from Pensacola

Nicolae081379: I gotta be at the airport to get em

CaptainSpears: so ya dont want to?

Nicolae081379: pretty sure I can't

Nicolae081379: I gotta clean the house, bathe the cats, go pick up the bastards...

Nicolae081379: probably going to be a full day

CaptainSpears: oh

Nicolae081379: I have a housefull

Nicolae081379: and I'm the designated housekeeper utnil I get a job

CaptainSpears: lol

Nicolae081379: yeah, it sucks

Nicolae081379: I am SO marrying a guy that can afford a housemaid

CaptainSpears: why not one that cleans?

Nicolae081379: who would earn the money?

CaptainSpears: i dunno

Nicolae081379: MY point

CaptainSpears: We can meet for a quickie?

Nicolae081379: say what?

Ca CaptainSpears: just wanted to see your reaction

Nicolae081379: very funny

Nicolae081379: ha, ha, ha

CaptainSpears: LOL, sorry

Nicolae081379: no problem

Nicolae081379: jeez, MEN sometimes

Nicolae081379: fucked up sense of humor

Nicolae081379: sheesh

CaptainSpears: I was just tryin to fit in your busy schedule, but if you want an hour, it's cool.

CaptainSpears: lol

Nicolae081379: HA

Nicolae081379: nah, looks like tomorrow is booked

Nicolae081379: plus I'm trying to find a car for 300 bucks and that's NEVER easy

CaptainSpears: I'll contribute

Nicolae081379: money or a car?

Nicolae081379: shit, I'll take eaither

CaptainSpears: money

Nicolae081379: you will?

CaptainSpears: yeah

Nicolae081379: uh....<Speechless>

Nicolae081379: why?

CaptainSpears: why not?

Nicolae081379: because you have NO IDEA who I am

CaptainSpears: so

Nicolae081379: whoa

Nicolae081379: I'm just trying to get a car

Nicolae081379: i would go on base, but those fucking airman sell their shit for like WAY more than it's worth

CaptainSpears: sell their shit?

Nicolae081379: their cars

CaptainSpears: oh

Nicolae081379: I found a celica for 595, but the guy never called me back

Nicolae081379: it's HARD to find a car

Nicolae081379: and I need one to get a job

CaptainSpears: quickie?

Nicolae081379: HA

CaptainSpears: so thats a no?

Nicolae081379: uh, what?

CaptainSpears: you dont want a quickie?

Nicolae081379: are we talking about the same thing?

CaptainSpears: yes

Nicolae081379: a quick car, yup

Nicolae081379: would do damn near anything

Nicolae081379: yup, DAMN near

Nicolae081379: except babysit

CaptainSpears: sex?

Nicolae081379: WHAT????

CaptainSpears: you said it

Nicolae081379: okay, I wouldn't do that either

Nicolae081379: unless it was for like a free Jaguar or something

Nicolae081379: but even that's a reach

CaptainSpears: lol

Nicolae081379: hey, a girl's gotta have priorities

CaptainSpears: $100

Nicolae081379: for sex?

Nicolae081379: or a car?

CaptainSpears: 1

Nicolae081379: you're kidding

CaptainSpears: why?

Nicolae081379: that's like prostitution or something

CaptainSpears: $200

Nicolae081379: for sex?

Nicolae081379: are you NUTS?

CaptainSpears: i dunno

Nicolae081379: let me help you then...

Nicolae081379: you ARE

CaptainSpears: #350

Nicolae081379: okay, what's your deal?

CaptainSpears: what do you mean?

Nicolae081379: you're offering 350 for sex?

Nicolae081379: or just from anybody?

CaptainSpears: no, you

Nicolae081379: why?

CaptainSpears: why not?

CaptainSpears: you need money right?

Nicolae081379: well yeah, but...

Nicolae081379: that's crazy

CaptainSpears: $500

Nicolae081379: okay, no, THAT'Scrazy


CaptainSpears: so $350 is better?

Nicolae081379: no, it's not

Nicolae081379: it's just nuts

CaptainSpears: so you wouldn't?

Nicolae081379: no I would not

Nicolae081379: I'm not a whore

CaptainSpears: lol, never said you were. just trying to help out with money

Nicolae081379: no thanks, I'm not that hard up

CaptainSpears: free then?

Nicolae081379: um, NO

CaptainSpears: want me to leave you alone?

Nicolae081379: I think that would be best, I'm a little irritated

Nicolae081379: and besides, aren't you MARRIED?

CaptainSpears: I'm sorry

CaptainSpears: not anymore

Nicolae081379: sorry

Nicolae081379: I don't take money for sex

Nicolae081379: I like the whole dating thing better

CaptainSpears: so lets date

Nicolae081379: THEN I take his money

Nicolae081379: let's date?

CaptainSpears: lol

Nicolae081379: you need to get out more

CaptainSpears: yes I do

Nicolae081379: you don't just ask a fat chick to date over the internet

CaptainSpears: you're not fat

Nicolae081379: you haven't seen the real me

Nicolae081379: that pic you saw is AGES old

Nicolae081379: and that's not my point

CaptainSpears: ok, how much do you weigh?

Nicolae081379: 165-170

CaptainSpears: I like curvy girls anyway

Nicolae081379: and I'm five three

Nicolae081379: OMG

CaptainSpears: my ex was 5'3 and 220

Nicolae081379: oh

Nicolae081379: I saw a pic

Nicolae081379: you DO need to get out more

CaptainSpears: why?

Nicolae081379: you can't just do this kind of shit and not expect repercussions of some sort

CaptainSpears: ok

Nicolae081379: look, I'm gonna let you go, okay?

Nicolae081379: you're giving me the wig

CaptainSpears: ok

CaptainSpears: lol, sorry

Nicolae081379: it's okay

Nicolae081379: have a good night

CaptainSpears: thanks, you too

Nicolae081379: no problem